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The Purchasing and Contracting Advisory Council established thresholds that trigger formal bidding procedures in the areas of Materiel and Non-Professional Services, Public Works, and Professional Services. State agencies are only required to use the formal bidding procedures when a purchase is made in an amount that exceeds the threshold limit.

Materiel and Non-Professional Services*

Less than $10,000 - Open Market Purchase
$10,000 - $24,999 - 3 Written Quotes
$25,000 and over - Formal Bid

Public Works

Less than $50,000 - Open Market Purchase
$50,000 - $99,999 - 3 Letter Bids
$100,000 and over - Formal Bid

Professional Services

Less than $50,000 - Open Market
$50,000 and over - Formal RFP Process

In the case of Materiel and Non-Professional Services, the dollar amount identified by the Purchasing and Advisory Council is a yearly cumulative limit. The dollar amount identified for Public Works and Professional Services are on a contract by contract basis and annual thresholds do not apply.

* Covered agencies shall exclusively use central contracts as defined by Delaware Code, Title 29 Section 6911(d), when Government Support Services' contracts are available. Thus, open market purchases are only permitted for those items not already under contract.

It is important to remind you that an Agency may institute policies which are more restrictive than those established either by Code or by the Council. If you have any questions regarding these purchasing requirements, please contact Peter Korolyk.

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