The Office of Supplier Diversity certifies businesses in two programs: Diverse Suppliers and Small Businesses of a unique size.

The Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) offers one combined application
for diverse and small business certification.

All applicants use this Certification Application

Part of the review of eligibility for certification as a diverse or small business at the Office of Supplier Diversity is to provide a copy of your current license credential. Reference List for Licensure in the State of Delaware.

A Diverse Business is where 51% or more of the ownership and control of the daily operations of the business is made up of minorities, women, veterans, service disabled veterans, or individuals with disabilities. If your company is for-profit and 51% or more: owned, controlled, and actively manage by U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents in any of the following groups, your company may be an eligible Diverse Business:

Minority Business Enterprise
Woman Business Enterprise
Veteran Owned Business Enterprise
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise
Individuals with Disabilities Owned Business Enterprise

A Small Business is one of a certain size and is based on both the number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees, averaged over a three-year period, and also based on gross revenue averaged over a three-year period. The eligibility information and chart for size by industry is contained within the application. If your company is for-profit, and is not controlled by a company larger than the eligibility size, and is in the following industries, your company may be an eligible Small Business:

Architecture & Engineering Services

Certifications of all types are a three-year certification, unless your company's eligibility status changes. Companies are able to apply for recertification.

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