Supplier Diversity Council (SDC)

The Council was created by Executive Order #44. The purpose of the council as defined in the executive order is as follows; Advocate for the State of Delaware's supplier diversity initiatives; Offer training and information on the tools necessary for successfully doing business with the State of Delaware; Help maximize supplier diversity among the state agencies, and help increase contracting opportunities for qualified minority, and women owned businesses; Develop criteria for evaluation of supplier diversity initiatives pursuant to the Executive Order; Identify potential impediments if any, concerning supplier diversity with State government, and develop strategies to eliminate these impediments; Provide advice and recommendation to the Governor concerning supplier diversity strategies.

No. It is suggested the vendor request a debriefing from the respective agency. The SDC cannot protest bids. For additional information on the debriefing process please review the Selling to the State presentation on the MyMarketplace website. The SDC will listen to your concerns about barriers in increasing supplier diversity. Please contact the Director of the Office of Supplier Diversity, if you have any additional questions or comments.

No. The SDC does not have any influence on the evaluation of state proposals. The SDC also does not have purchasing authority.

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