About Government Support Services

Government Support Services uses advanced technology to provide the most dependable, customer responsive services that assist the public and support agencies in performing their missions. The combined efforts of these service areas support the needs of the public and state agencies. Government Support Services is dedicated to “Building Partnerships for the Future”.


The Government Support Services Contracting unit manages most statewide contracts for goods and services and administers select agency contracts. This team is the State of Delaware's central contracting unit that acts on behalf of State agencies. Central contract awards are eligible for use by local government units, authorized volunteer fire companies, School Districts, and other eligible entities as authorized by the Delaware Code as specified in 29 Del. C. § 6910.

Copier Resource Management Program

The Copier Resource Management Program ensures that State agencies acquire copiers that are appropriate for their work load and are cost effective. With no cost to your agency, we will consult on-site to help you:

  • “Right size” your copier choice
  • Consider new technologies
  • Determine whether a lease or rental plan is best for your office
  • Identify any additional costs involved after installation

Fleet Services

The Office of Fleet Services provides access to vehicles and transportation services to state agencies. The team manages a fleet of approximately 3,000+ vehicles for dispatch and direct agency assignment. Daily dispatched vehicles come with 24-hour roadside assistance and all operational costs covered by a nominal fee charged to the agency and are available from more than 15 pickup sites throughout the state. The section is also responsible for investigation and resolution of all citizen complaints relating to abuse or misuse of all agency/school district owned vehicles.

Fleet Services also administers Fleet Link, a statewide commuter program for State employees. Vanpools operate on a statewide basis and provide a shared-cost alternative to commuting to work in privately owned vehicles. Fleet Link is a convenient, environmentally friendly program that conserves energy by reducing traffic, parking congestion and air pollution.

Food Distribution Program

Government Support Services' Food Distribution section administers the USDA food commodity distribution program in Delaware. This program distributes food commodities to eligible schools and other child nutrition programs, elderly feeding programs, and to emergency feeding organizations serving the needy. In response to emergencies and catastrophic situations, Food Distribution will serve as the primary agency for nutritional resource and distribution.

The Food Distribution Unit within Government Support Services is the designated Delaware agency for the distribution of food commodities provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. The Division distributes more than $3.5 million of commodity foods totaling 4.75 million pounds annually for the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs (NSLP), the Child and Adult Care Program (CACFP), Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), Nutrition Program for the Elderly (NPE), Charitable Institutions (CI), and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

The USDA Food Distribution Program has a dual mission: to provide children and needy families a more healthful diet and to maintain support for domestic agriculture markets. Types of commodities vary by program, but include a variety of nutritious foods.

Messenger Services

Messenger Services maintains effective courier routes for daily mail processing for all agencies, some school districts and charter schools. We sort and deliver more than 1.0 million pieces of interdepartmental mail within a year providing a 24-hour turnaround time. Messenger Services processes more than 4 million pieces of outgoing USPS mail annually with over 85 percent qualifying to receive the presorted discount rate.

  • Each day, we collect more than 13,000 pieces of U.S. Postal Service mail from State agencies, we apply today's post mark to all regular USPS mail. Discounted presort mail receives the next day's post mark.
  • Presorting saves State agencies up to 24% in postal costs
  • We deliver employee paychecks to agency representatives, x-ray incoming U.S. mail, and maintain the list of State Location Codes (SLCs)
  • We review and approve the acquisition of metering equipment by State agencies.
  • Presort mail is picked up at 4:15 pm each day to be processed by the State's contracted Presort vendor through Messenger Services mail centers.
  • US Mail is delivered to the Dover Post Office by 3:30 p.m., daily cut off time for processing US mail is 3:00 p.m.
  • We also deliver some printed materials for the Printing and Publishing Office.

Printing and Publishing

Government Support Services manages full service printing needs for State Agencies and design services. Services provided, but not limited to:

  • Design services to help plan and layout your printing project
  • All Commercial Printing needs
  • A wide variety of binding and finishing
  • All print work orders are outsourced

Surplus Services

The Delaware Surplus Services team within Government Support Services is responsible for all Federal and State surplus property programs for the State of Delaware. This program is self-sufficient and thereby does not receive any State or Federal dollars. Our goal is to simplify all of our services for our customers: declaring excess property, transferring excess property to another agency or fire company, removal of excess property, or disposal of excess property. We want to work with you to make sure your property needs are met.