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Section Accomplishments


Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

For the seventh consecutive year, Delaware’s Government Support Services contracting team received the National Procurement Institute’s (NPI) Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award. Among only 172 recipients nationwide among cities, counties, higher education, and state agencies, Delaware was one of only 4 state agencies in the nation to receive this award in 2022 recognizing organizational excellence in procurement.

Fleet Services

Top 100 Fleet

The Delaware Fleet Services team continues recognition as “100 Best Fleets in the Americas” as reported by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA). The State earned the ranking of #49 in the nation, and is only one state central fleet receiving this recognition. This program recognizes “peak performing fleet operations” and “encourages the ever-increasing levels of performance and innovation within the public fleet industry.” This marks the fifteenth year in a row the state of Delaware, Fleet Services, has been honored.

Employee Recognition

OMB Employee of the 1st Quarter 2023

Employee of the 1st Quarter 2023 - (L/R) GSS Director, Peter Korolyk, and Jessie DurhamJessica “Jessie” Durham has been with the State Messenger Services for 19 years. Over the course of the last year, we have put Jessie in a position to take more of a leadership role within the division and she has done an excellent job. Jessie is the go-to person for new stops looking to be added to our routes. She overviews the request and determines the best possible route to assign them to, as well as coordinating the days they will be getting mail service. This ensures optimizing efficiencies for the agency and the GSS Messenger Services operation.

Further, Jessie has taken the lead for many of our upstart projects. The biggest of the projects, is the assumption of Archives Delivery service. Agencies will contact us with requests retrieve storage boxes from their location and deliver the same to the Archives building in Dover for either storage or shredding. These can range from something as simple as 1 location and 10-15 boxes, to multiple locations with an upwards of 120 - 130 boxes that need to be collected. This variability requires our team to ensure adequate transportation, coordinate the retrieval and not directly impact existing customer expectations.  Read More

OMB Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2022

Employees of the 3rd Quarter 2022 - (L/R) GSS Director Peter Korolyk and Carmen HerreraCarmen is all about the data, documenting processes, continuous process improvements, and identifying efficiencies. While Carmen remains dedicated to finding efficiencies, with changes in leadership this year she also shows great flexibility by taking time to explain her “current” role, learn what metrics are important to the new leadership, as well as anticipate and answer questions you may not have thought to ask. Having a shared interest in maximizing efficiencies and providing excellent customer service, Carmen has been an invaluable partner to collaborate with. With every report or project she has involvement in, she shares the who, when, and why. She takes it a step further by sharing where it used to be; reporting by example, time it took to complete when she joined GSS compared to the time it takes to complete now. Carmen's analytical skills make her my go to person when I have an idea I need help with figuring out the "how".  Read More

OMB Employee of the 2nd Quarter 2022

Employee of the 2nd Quarter 2022 - (L/R) GSS Director Peter Korolyk and Larry ReedBeginning in 2020, working with DFM, GSS signed a lease for newly constructed facility at Landing Square off Bay Road. Throughout the process, Larry has kept GSS leadership on track and aware of events as construction proceeded and coordinated the often-overlooked activities to ensure a successful move. GSS was originally scheduled to move into the facility as of October 2021, but given market conditions, construction delays and supply chain disruptions, GSS did not officially move into its new facility until June 2022.  Read More

OMB Employees of the 1st Quarter 2022

Employees of the 1st Quarter 2022 - (L/R) Terrance Clark and Dan RamseySince the COVID 19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, Dan Ramsey, as the warehouse supervisor, has continued to demonstrate his extraordinary dedication to the program serving so many Delawareans. He and his team have worked in person, receiving and delivering USDA foods to over 200 locations throughout Delaware under very difficult circumstances. Due to social distancing requirements, we had to change the way food is delivered so that only one person is in the truck cab performing the deliveries which put even more responsibility on our professional CDL drivers. Like many agencies, several of our employees tested positive for COVID and others stepped up to fill in the gap, with Dan and Terrance being the leaders. While we have struggled for years to attract and retain CDL drivers, the pandemic has exacerbated this problem as there is now a nationwide shortage of drivers needed due to the increase of home deliveries caused by COVID.  Read More