Copier Resource Management

Any agency that is part of the executive branch of state government and any agency that is located in a facility that is maintained by the Office of Management and Budget, Division of Facilities Management.

Any organization that is eligible to use the state contract is encouraged to use the services provided by the Copier Resource Management Program.

State contract prices include all service, supplies and unlimited copies.

The vendor is allowed up to 30 days to deliver equipment after they receive a purchase order.

After securing a delivery date with the new vendor, contact your present vendor in writing and state that you want to terminate the agreement on your equipment. If the equipment was acquired from a state contract, the vendor is required to retrieve it at no cost to the state.

Please have the following information that pertains to your present copier:

  • make and model
  • monthly cost
  • meter reading
  • acquisition date
  • address of where copier will be placed
  • name and phone number of contact person