Printing and Publishing uses the vendors that are on Outsource Printing Services contract to print all jobs or Delaware Correctional Industries (DCI). We no longer have in-house printing capabilities and all orders are outsourced. There is no fee associated with our services.

When we receive a print work order from a customer we first review all the job specifications. Based on the type of job requested, we will solicit quotes from the vendors on contract who have the best capabilities and pricing for the type of job. We will solicit at least 3 quotes for each job and choose the vendor with the lowest price. If the customer requests an estimate we will e-mail that to them along with the chosen vendors contact information and the specifications for the order. If no estimate is requested we send an e-mail award notice to the customer and the vendor which outlines the job and authorizes the vendor to start working on a proof for the customer's approval.

A work order is necessary to ensure that we are requesting quotes based on the correct job specifications. We also need a work order for entry into our software system for job tracking and archiving purposes. Estimates are valid for the specifications requested and good for 60 days. Any variation from the specifications quoted may subject the price to change for the final print order. There is no fee for our service or estimates.

You may complete the Work Order Request form and send it as an e-mail attachment to PPO. As an additional piece of information, we prefer any files submitted as a PDF which you may also attach and send to us electronically.

Yes. We have an in-house designer that is capable of meeting all your design needs. If design consultation is needed, then check the meeting request box in the Work Request section of our work order. Our designer will contact you to set up a meeting.

Our designer's time is limited so we are not capable of handling all requests in-house. In these circumstances we use the Design Layout Services contract. We will facilitate your design needs with the vendors on this contract.

Print orders normally take 7-10 business days after final proof approval. Jobs that require special paper, finishes, or specialty binding may take longer. Large quantities and special delivery requests may also extend the normal completion time for a print order. If you have questions about the turnaround time, please contact the Printing and Publishing Office to speak with an agency representative.

Approval of a proof is your authorization that a job is ready for print. Our vendors will not print an order until they receive proof approval. This protects the vendor from fault and also benefits the customer to have a last chance opportunity to review a job. Reprints of previous orders will need to go through the proofing process again to verify the job's accuracy.

Printing and Publishing does not proofread customer's jobs, as only the customer knows what they want and are looking for. Jobs that are submitted for straight printing are expected to be press ready. Changes to content, spelling and grammar during the proofing process may incur additional costs and fees for additional proofs as well as impact delivery schedules. Any grammar or spelling errors caught by Printing and Publishing staff are only a courtesy and the responsibility for proofreading remains with the customer.

Printing and Publishing is responsible under 29 Del. C., §6308A(i) to facilitate the printing needs of all state Executive Branch agencies. Printing and Publishing has the printing knowledge and experience to determine what our customer's needs are and find the most cost efficient method of production. We work with the state contract print vendors on a daily basis and have established relationships with them that are beneficial in getting quick responses, low pricing and expedited product delivery. Vendors bid on the state contract based on statewide print volume and the only way to provide this is through Printing and Publishing Office. We are the sole source for state printing needs.

No. A Color Waiver allows an agency to print more than two (2) colors. An agency must still use Printing and Publishing for their printing needs in accordance with 29 Del. C., § 6308A(i) and Executive Order 39 of the du Pont Administration. We will solicit at least 3 quotes for each job and find the best value for our customers.

Beings all invoices are paid directly to the print vendors, the purchase orders are to be made out to the print vendors for all jobs. We will provide the contact/billing information needed to obtain a purchase order. All invoices are sent to our office first. After we review the invoice for accuracy and contract fulfillment, we stamp them approved and forward to the customer for payment. Once the customer receives the invoice payment should be made promptly to the vendor.

If your print order is sent out utilizing the USPS or another freight carrier, postage fees are required in advance for the mailing. These mailing sources require payment before metering and shipping out the product for delivery. Customers will be notified if their job will require a postage fee payment prior to printing. Postage can often be paid via check or credit card for your convenience.