A mass mailing is a large mailing that has to be metered ( needs postage affixed to the envelope). It can be any number of envelopes that is above the normal everyday mailings sent to Messenger Service.

A bulk mailing is mail that needs postage affixed to the envelope but uses a bulk permit number in the upper right hand corner of the envelope where the stamp would be placed. Any agency that uses a bulk permit for mailings is responsible for obtaining their own permit number front their local post office. There is a yearly fee for this permit number. All bulk mailings must be prepared by the agency according to postal regulations. Agencies must submit bulk mailings to the post office themselves along with payment for the postage. All information and details can be obtained about bulk mail from your local post office. Messenger Services does not process mail using a bulk permit.

Discounted mail is called first class presort letter mail. Presort letter mail qualifies as and is processed as USPS first class mail receiving the same processing service as regular first class mail. Presort letter mail is sorted according to the zip code on the address of the envelope. Presorting of the letter mail by zip code is completed by Print and Mail Communications, LLC., a contracted vendor by the State of Delaware.

Effective April 10, 2016, the current USPS rate for presort letter mail is .376 cents, discounted for the full first class letter postage rate of .465 cents for a one and two ounce #10 white legal size envelopes letter mail.

To get a copy of your monthly postage bill or backup please notify Michael Russo, (302) 857-4500, Dover Mail Center.

For a copy of a postage IV please contact Robby Lancaster, (302) 672-5206, Office of Management and Budget, Financial Operations.