July 1, 2009 Messenger Services obtained the ability to offer and provide deeper postal discount rates utilizing the presort contract for standard mail services. Historically, standard mail has been identified as "bulk mail". USPS standards identify standard mail as a mail piece which is mailed by individuals/companies utilizing a standard mail permit indicia on an envelope verses utilizing a first class USPS stamp. The indicia is printed on the envelope in the upper right hand corner.

Standard Mail Types:

  • Standard Mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds per mailing. Not be used for sending personal correspondence, handwritten or typewritten letters, or bills and statements of account.
  • Printed matter, flyers, circulars and advertising, newsletters, bulletins and catalogs.

Mail Room Systems is the contracted presort vendor authorized by the State of Delaware to process and present all standard mail processed by Messenger Services to the USPS. It is imperative to remember mail identified as being of a time sensitive nature should not be presented to Messenger Services for processing as standard mail; please allow additional delivery time for standard mailings with the USPS or consider other presort options.

Discounts available for time sensitive mailings not processed as standard mail. Please contact Michael Russo for information.

Delivery Timeframe

10 – 14 day allowable processing and delivery time frame. Please allow additional delivery time in the event your mailing has been identified as time sensitive.

Discount / Savings

  • 0.25 cents per mail piece. Regular first class letters cost 0.465 cents. Saving of 0.21 cents.
  • No standard mail permit purchase at a cost of $185.00 annually.
  • Reduction of staffing resource hours utilized to sort mail pieces by zip with delivery to the USPS processing facility.
  • Elimination for completion of standard mail form 3602 – R11.
  • Elimination of maintaining a standard mail account with the USPS.
  • Elimination of tracking funds deposited and spent maintaining a standard mail account with the USPS.

Messenger Service Standard Mail Requirements

  • Mail piece must be in a #10 white legal size envelope.
  • Envelope must be sealed.
  • Typed addressed on envelope or label with typed addressed.
    • Name of address recipient acceptable.
    • Addressed as "To the Family of" or "Resident of" acceptable.
  • Envelopes are not required to be sorted by zip code or address.
  • Rubber band envelopes together by handfuls or placed in letter trays.
  • Pre-notification provided to Messenger Services stating your agency will be presenting a mailing for processing as standard mail. Please state office location where mail may be retrieved.
  • Letter contents may not weigh over 3.3 ounces. (15 sheets of paper maximum)

Contact Information

Kent County Mail Processing Center

  • (302) 857-4500

New Castle County Mail Processing Center

  • (302) 577-5095 Carvel State Office Building
  • (302) 388-6962 Herman Holloway Campus

Michael Russo: Messenger Service Mail Courier Operations Manager

  • Office (302) 857-4500 / Cell (302) 222-7274
  • E-Mail


  • (302) 857-4500

Sales Representative

  • Matthew Gorman: (856) 488-0345

Business Mail Entry

  • (302) 323-2257

Standard Mail Operations Manager

  • Gladys Benson: (302) 323-2272