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If you are experiencing an unreported delay, please contact us at (302) 857-4500.

From time to time we receive information from the United States Postal Service and other related companies which we deem important to pass on to you.

USPS Postage Rates Increase

  • New postal rates go into effect January 26, 2020 - USPS website

How to Prepare Mail for the USPS

Intelligent Mail and Move Update Video

USPS Weather Related Updates

  • No updates at this time.

Postage Meter Acquisition Approval

  • Policy Memo 88-11: Pursuant to 29 Del. C., §6308A(l), no State of Delaware agency shall procure, purchase or lease any postage meters or equipment for the metering of mail or the affixing of postage without the approval of Government Support Services.

Please contact Michael Russo at 857-4500 to obtain a copy of the Request for Postage Meter Equipment form or you may download it from this web site. This form must be completed and returned to one of our mail centers for approval before the purchasing of any metering equipment. Please include all price quotes from the company you wish to purchase the equipment. It is the responsibility of the purchasing agency to obtain all information and price quotes. All information and price quotes must accompany the Request for Postage Equipment form sent to Government Support Services. Messenger Services will gladly assist agencies in the price quote process for purchasing or renting equipment.

In the event any State of Delaware agency shall possess postage metering equipment for use by their agency, assuming the responsibility of metering their agency’s own internal outgoing USPS mail, it shall be the sole responsibility of that said agency to utilize their agency’s internal staff for delivery of this mail processed/postmarked/metered with their own postage equipment, by agency’s internal staff personnel, to a USPS processing facility of that agency’s choice.

Messenger Services shall assume the responsibility of delivering metered mail to the Dover Post Office at the end of each working day any mail processed by Messenger Services staff in the mail processing center at Government Support Services located at 100 Enterprise Place, Suite 4, Dover, Delaware.

Please comply as required and if you should have any questions regarding this matter, please consult with one of our mail center supervisors or the Director of Government Support Services.