In order for Messenger Services to better assist agencies in the processing of interoffice and metered mail, we ask that everyone follow the Proper Mail Preparation policy, as revised August 28, 2018. If you have any questions regarding this policy or procedures, please contact us at (302) 857-4523 or via email to Michael Russo.

All Mail is to be Separated: Interdepartmental and Metered


Must have a complete address including Building/Section.

  • Agency Name / Agency Section / Agency Building
  • Employee Full Name
  • Complete Correct SLC Code
  • Separated by County
  • Placed in the outgoing interdepartmental mail bin
  • All previous addresses blackened out
  • White agency #10 envelopes, if used, must read "State Mail" on the envelope


Metered Mail

  • Rubber Banded together
  • Unsealed – will not accept unsealed envelope, all envelopes must be sealed.
  • Agency/Section billing number identifiable on envelopes.
  • No interdepartmental mail inserted between letters.
  • No Certified, Air or Registered mail inserted between letters.
  • Envelopes arranged in the same manner
  • Return address in the upper left hand corner of each envelope with 7 digit billing code
  • Must not have a bulk permit number printed on envelope
  • Typed address preferred
  • Hand written mail can hinder the delivery time to recipient

Couriers have been instructed to refuse any envelopes/mail not banded together, missing identifiable 7 digit billing code on the envelope.

Messenger Services does not accept responsibility of interdepartmental mail being metered when not separated from your metered mail.

Messenger Services does not handle Fed Ex, UPS, or other carrier’s packages.

Messenger Services only handles interdepartmental and USPS mail and parcels less than 50 lbs.

Certified, Air and Registered Mail

  • Must use current appropriate USPS forms.
    • Current USPS forms display bar codes with tracking number.
    • Current USPS green signature card for domestic mailing, please include your building name/agency department/unit.
    • Current USPS pink signature card for international mailing.
  • Form information must be filled by your agency employee and affixed to envelopes with building name/agency.
  • Banded and segregated separately from other metered mail.